Web Design Podcasts that You Should be Listening to and Watching

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

One of the ways that I started learning about web design was by listening to podcasts related to web design while working in a warehouse, assembling equipment for the disabled. I learnt a lot from this relatively new form of media and best of all, it didn’t cost me a penny! So take advantage and make sure to at least check out the podcasts below:

Audio Podcasts


It’s difficult not to start with Boagworld as it has been around for well over three years now so there’s plenty of good material to be catching up on! The show’s hosts, Paul and Marcus discuss everything from dealing with clients to usability. You won’t go wrong listening to this one, I can promise you that.


Sitepoint is a great podcast, discussing any news relating to web design and development in great depth. A great, entertaining way of keeping up with the latest news.

In all honesty these are the only to web design audio podcasts I listen to but there are a few more if you search for web design on the iTunes store but Boagworld and Sitepoint are certainly great podcasts to get the ball rolling.

Video Podcasts


Chris Coyier does a fantastic job of covering almost everything related to CSS and then some. While learning things about CSS that you never thought possible, you’ll also be picking up valuable information about WordPress and jQuery.

Nettuts+ Screencasts

Nettuts+’s screencasts get more into the development side of the web teaching topics such as PHP, ajax, jQuery and more. A good place to begin if you want to get into development.

Layers TV

Video podcast covering all things from the Adobe Creative Suite meaning that it is more of a general design podcast than a web design podcast but definitely worth a watch to see what cool techniques you could use in your designs.


Extremely talented digital designer, Bert Monroy guides you through anything you want to know about Photoshop. Bert really knows Photoshop inside out so anyone in web design can learn a lot.

Web Design TV

The people who bring us (at least in the UK) the excellent .net magazine also produce a video podcast. They cover a wide variety of areas in the web design world but seem focus mainly on the Adobe Creative Suite.

Podcasts are a very easy, free and enjoyable way to learn about web design and in audio format at least, allow you to be listening on your way to work and even while working so the barrier for entry is very low and applications such as iTunes allow you to automatically download new episodes and sync to a mobile device. As well as books, podcasts are a good way to learn while getting away from the computer, which we all need from time to time, especially in the summer!

List any other podcasts that you listen to in the comments, as I would like to know what else is out there that is worth watching/listening to.

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by Tom Kenny

I’m a freelance web designer and front-end developer with 9 years of experience designing for the web. Follow me on Twitter here.