The Ultimate A-Z of the Best Design and Development Related Sites

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

This list is being constantly updated so keep coming back to see the new additions. Also, please leave any suggestions in the comments. Thanks.


For anyone in the web design and development industry, you should be checking most of these on a regular basis and you can’t go wrong subscribing to the RSS feeds of the following sites:

A is for A List Apart


A List Apart contains the best written advice and opinions of the top minds in the industry.

See also:

B is for Build Internet!


Build Internet! is a relatively new blog (although old compared to Inspect Element!) but has already established it’s place as one of the best blogs offering great development tutorials and more.

See also:

C is for CSS-Tricks


The place to go if you need help with anything to do with CSS. Also plenty of tutorials teaching you things that you didn’t know was possible.

See also:

D is for Design Bump and Design Moo



Design Bump and Design Moo both combine the social voting aspect of Digg but focused purely on the web design and development.

See also:

E is for Elliot Jay Stocks


Elliot Jay Stocks’ recent redesign of his site shows what is possible in modern web design.

F is for From the Couch


Video podcast hosted by brothers Marc and David Perel in which they talk about anything to do with web design.

See also:

G is for GoMediaZine


Great resource for all things design related.

See also:

H is for HTML 5 Gallery


As you can probably guess from the title, HTML 5 Gallery is a gallery of sites using HTML 5 elements.

See also:

I is for I Love Typography


With Typography playing a huge role in Web Design, I Love Typography is the best blog out there for all things typography related.

See also:

J is for Just Creative Design


See also:

  • jQuery (javascript framework)

K is for Kuler


Excellent colour picker from Adobe and a great place to go for colour inspiration.

L is for Line25


Creative webdesign blog by Chris Spooner with a great looking design.

See also:

M is for Minervity


N is for Noupe


Great all round web design/development blog.

See also:

O is for Only Creative


Only Creative picks out portfolios of the most creative designers out there.

See also:

P is for Pattern Tap


See also:

The ultimate collection of design elements from around the web.

Q is for Qapture


Collection on what’s hot from the world of Twitter.

See also:

  • Qbrushes (free Photoshop brushes)
  • QNT (digital art magazines and web design gallery)

R is for Retinart


See also:

  • Reencoded (web design and development resources)

S is for Smashing Magazine


What would this list be without Smashing Magazine?! The best site for designers (and developers) on the web.

See also:

T is for Tutorial Magazine


Tutorial Magazine does a great job of rounding up the best tutorials including in both web design and development. Great presentation and nice simple design.

See also:

U is for Usability Post


Superb look at usability around the web and beyond. Doesn’t post very often but each one is absolute top quality.

See also:

  • UX Booth (web usability blog and reviews)

V is for Vandelay Design


Another great all round web design/development blog.

See also:

W is for Web Designer Depot


Very creative design and has built up a great following due to the quality content.

See also:

X is for Nothing?!

I couldn’t find any great that begin with X but if you do then let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in.

Y is for You The Designer


Another one found while researching this post but doesn’t look like it would be out of place on any designer’s RSS reader.

Z is for Zach Krasner Times


Yet another one found researching and not surprising the only Z I could find. Looks to be a round-up of posts from across the web with a nice layout.


I’m sure that there are many more sites out there that I don’t know about or have just forgotten so I will be adding more as time goes on. If you find any more or know of any great sites, especially for the missing letters, then add them in the comments and I’ll see if they’re worth adding.

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by Tom Kenny

I’m a freelance web designer and front-end developer with 9 years of experience designing for the web. Follow me on Twitter here.