Superb Examples of Form Design

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

Following on from our look at fantastic login pages comes a look at more comprehensive form design such as contact forms, order forms, sign up forms and comment forms. Below are just some of the best examples on the web.

wpCoderWPCoder uses a high quality image of a clipboard for their order form.

alexcohaniucAlex Cohaniuc uses a piece of paper for his contact form.

paramorereddParamore Redd have a nicely styled, clean contact form.

graphikGraphik uses a big friendly header on their contact form.

kontainKontain clearly defines form fields by using bounding boxes and colour.

tumblrTumblr uses big form fields and a nice clean appearance.

newspondNews Pond gets users to focus on their sign-up form with the use of a background glow.

duohDuoh uses a big bold header and a paragraph to introduce their contact form.

neutroncreationsNeutron Creations fills in fake details on their contact form, showing clearly, at a glance, what details should be entered.

BallparkBallpark has a nice clean design with clearly defined sections.

dragoninteractiveDragon Interactive uses a tab interface to distinguish the type of message on their contact form.

substraktSubstrakt uses the familiarity of a postcard for their contact form. implements a progress tracker for each step of signing up to their service.

tuitiveTuitive uses sIFR for non-web safe fonts on the label tags of their contact form.

davidhellmannDavid Hellmann uses plastic tape for the label tags of his contact form.

elliotjaystocksElliot Jay Stocks uses nice big and clear elements on the comments form of his blog.

Be Inspired

As you can see, forms don’t have to be boring, there are a number of different ways that you can make forms more interesting and more usable, increasing the chance that users will sign up to a service or send feedback.

Feel free to share your own form designs and any others that you have seen out there in the comments.

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by Tom Kenny

I’m a freelance web designer and front-end developer with 9 years of experience designing for the web. Follow me on Twitter here.