by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

Now the summer is pretty much over here in England and the World Cup no longer takes up most of my spare time, I can finally dedicate some much needed time to Inspect Element and it’s been far too long.

If you’re wondering, I have plenty of great blog post ideas lined up (my Evernote account is chock full of them) so hopefully it will be worth the wait!


Snippets are a way for me point out interesting links in the world of web design and even provide some of my own insight along the way. It’s very similar to a technique that has been used by John Gruber on his superb blog, Daring Fireball. I’m seeing it more and more these days with the likes of Cameron Moll and Dan Cederholm using it via the tumblr blogging engine. As you can see it mixes the more traditional long-form method of blogging with a short-form style that is too much for micro-blogging services such as Twitter.

So why bring this approach to Inspect Element? Mainly because it brings more quality content to your attention. There are many very well written articles out there that I occasionally share via Twitter but that isn’t always the best way to add what my own opinion or thoughts to the mix so it allows me to do that more effectively too.

As you can see above, a snippet is indicated by an icon of a pair of scissors along with smaller font size for the title text which links directly to the article or page itself. For those coming through via RSS will be taken to a page with the full snippet and a link to the source at the bottom.

Other Small Changes

The width of the sidebar has been reduced to focus more on the content. At the same time, a number of ads have been eliminated. I was never doing this to make money, all I need to do is cover the bills of hosting and even with the reduced number of ads I think this is still viable.

Tags have become part of the main navigation in the form of a mega drop-down. This allows the sidebar to become less cluttered but keeping them readily available and always within reach. Tags will become more and more useful as snippets, just like normal blog posts, are being tagged too.

Stick around, there’s plenty of quality content on the way!

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by Tom Kenny

I’m a freelance web designer and front-end developer with 9 years of experience designing for the web. Follow me on Twitter here.