Comments are Working Again

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)


Earlier today I realised that nobody was leaving any comments on the last few posts so something must have gone wrong or my writing got even worse overnight which is very possible!

Turns out that upon hitting the submit button, a blank page would appear and nothing would happen. I managed to recreate the bug on my local install of WordPress and discovered that there was something wrong with the database.

After spending far too long in phpmyadmin trying to figure it out, even with a developers help, we were stumped. The problem was obviously with the wp_comments table so I tried repairing it but no luck. Then I noticed I had the option to optimise the table. I had no idea what it does exactly but when can optimising anything be bad, right? Well, it did the trick.

Despite all the problems, I’ve picked up a couple of things about working with databases so it’s not all bad. Apologies for the inconvenience but everything is back to normal.

Comment away!

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by Tom Kenny

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