My Response to @netmag’s Plea on Twitter for Positive Feedback about Adobe Muse

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

I think it’s good to see Adobe thinking differently and trying new things despite the fact they’ve failed so miserably with Muse. Adobe’s cluelessness is a great opportunity for the little guys though. The independent app developers who do get it will thrive under the failing of a big company. I hope to see a few companies take this opportunity to be innovative and do something new and exciting, something that will make us use our bloated, expensive tools less and less. Also, in that scenario there will be more competition which is only a good thing for advancing the way we work.

I’ve emailed this over to them. Share your thoughts on this with me and my followers on Google+.


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by Tom Kenny

I’m a freelance web designer and front-end developer with over 7 years of experience designing for the web. Follow me on Twitter here.