I was the sole designer for the UI & UX design of a buy now pay later service using Figma to design an iOS app and responsive web app. Sadly, the company had to let almost all of their employees go (due to a lack of promised funds from an investor) but I got a significant amount of work done in those 4 short months.

Here's a highlight of some of the work I completed and some work in progress.

Everything was created in Figma. Are you really a designer if you don't create good looking thumbnails for your files?

iOS App

PollenPay iOS app home screen and scrolled view with sticky search and category bar
Making sure everything looked good and behaved well for devices big and small

There's an app a website for that, too

The home page has to dress to impress. First impressions are important. Especially so in the world of fashion.

And of course, what sort of designer would I be if I wasn't considering responsive designs? Not a good one first of all, but certainly not one caring for their fellow developer buddies either.

A menu for all occasions

Individual icons for each subcategory. A significant amount of work but looks great on desktop and mobile
Mobile web menu
It's vital to surface critical information to users in key locations so they are well aware of any issues that might be on the horizon

Design elements go through various phases of iteration as you can see with the store modal component below:

Iterations of the store modal component

This allows me to narrow down to the best available option. I often share some of these versions with others to collaborate on ideas that work best. This is often a messy part of the process but I find it key to discovering the best option, or at least multiple options for prototyping and/or testing.

Map view for shops with physical locations


Prototypes are built in Figma to demonstrate interactions. Here are just a selection of some that I created for the app and website: