Teaching other designers has been a passion of mine for a number of years on my blog. Over 13,500 designers are subscribed to my email newsletter and in 2014, I wrote a book called Learn from Design: Volume 1, which has gone on to generate thousands of dollars worth of sales.

The main benefits of the book are:

  • Understand the final results of many great design details coming together
  • Make more informed design decisions
  • Improve your eye for great design
  • Communicate design decisions with more confidence

The ebook is available here.

"Valuable information in every case study"

"Learn from Great Design has been the catalyst for improving from my eye for design. Tom was detailed and provided valuable information in every case study. I loved that he took on the challenge to study big companies like AirBnb. This book was a God-send.

This book has been the main resource that has helped me improve the design of my own website. There is nothing like it on the market!

I highly recommend this book for UX/UI Designers and Front End devs. It is visual, practical, engaging, and full of tips to help anyone detect great design or create it themselves. This is a book I will revisit time and time again! It is THAT good!"

Camille L. UI/UX Designer

My Design Writing

I've been running my design blog since 2009, when I launched it under the name Inspect Element. It now lives here on tomkenny.design. Initially, I started it to improve my writing but it has become a key part of my web design learning. I teach everything I learn, helping me to reinforce my knowledge and build upon it.

My design newsletter has over 14,500 email subscribers

Since then, it has achieved a good deal of success. I've written for and been featured in some of the biggest web design and development websites, such as Smashing Magazine, WebDesigner Depot, Creative Bloq and Treehouse.

It has also been the platform that has allowed me to successfully sell products. Prior to the success of Learn from Great Design, I used to sell WordPress Themes, generating over five figures of revenue.

The free versions of my WordPress themes were downloaded 48,657 times