Wallpapers of the Week 6: Video Game Art

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

Video games are a very visual experience and here are some great examples of fantastic fan art, in-game screenshots and promotional images all in wallpaper format.


Video-Game-Pac-Man-24955Pac Man

Green_Hill_Zone_by_OriotoGreen Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)


Video-Game-Shadow-of-the-Colossus-62197Shadow of the Colossus

Video-Game-Mirrors-Edge-61166Mirror’s Edge

Milky_Sky_by_OriotoMilky Sky (Mario)

Video-Game-Mario-66150Paper Mario

Video-Game-Shadow-of-the-Colossus-69827Shadow of the Colossus

Video-Game-Katamari-Damacy-7912Katamari Damacy

Video-Game-Half-Life-36561Half-Life 2 (intro screen)

Mario_World_by_OriotoMario World


assassinscreedAssassin’s Creed

halo3Halo 3

killzone2Killzone 2

bp_boxart_1920x1200Burnout Paradise

Super_Mario_Galaxy_4_2560-x-1600-widescreenSuper Mario Galaxy

mirrorsedgeslookMirror’s Edge

TalesofMI-Wallpaper-LS1-1920x1200Tales of Monkey Island

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by Tom Kenny

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