Links of the Week 18

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

Become a font embedding master, myth of the page fold, web dev goodies, minimize complexity and my dock.

Links of Interest

Becoming a Font Embedding Master


Everything you wanted to know about font embedding and more.

The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing


A must read if a client requests all of their content must be crammed in above the fold. Show them this.

Fresh Web Development Goodies Bag


A great roundup of the latest free tools and resources in the web design/development world.

Minimizing Complexity In User Interfaces


Simplifying user interfaces is a great way of improving usability and this article does a great job of showing examples of how to achieve this.

Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 19 (with me!)


Grace Smith asked me if I wanted to be in her awesome Show Me Your Dock! series and of course I said yes. Check out what apps are in my dock.

Design of the Week



Abduzeedo has had a bit of a makeover. I especially like the way that the headers become part of the main image.

Inspiration for the Weekend

39 Astonishing Examples of 3D Typography


Coming from a 3D background, I love this collection of inspiration 3D typography.

This Week on Inspect Element

Design Trend Showcase: Textured Backgrounds

Wallpapers of the Week 18: Abstract Art

The Future of Web Use: Something We Need to Think About

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by Tom Kenny

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