Links of the Week 11

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

The font-as-service, interview with the founders of Envato, blog effectively, alignment in design comic and advanced CSS selecting.

Links of Interest

The Font-as-Service


Elliot Jay Stocks, writing for I Love Typography, discusses the new wave of font services that aim to bring paid-for-fonts to the web.

Interview with Founders of Envato Collis and Cyan


A great insight into the minds that created the success of the Envato network. Must watch.

How to Blog Effectively


Great tips for bloggers or would-be bloggers to improve their work.

The Brads – Alignment in Design


A little lesson in alignment in the form of a web comic. A very fun and easy to digest method of learning.

Taming Advanced CSS Selectors


Smashing Magazine takes an extensive look at advanced CSS selectors.

Design of the Week

ngmoco’s plus


Plus is a social network for iPhone and iPod touch games. Now that ngmoco have released an SDK to third party developers they’ve also given their site an overhaul and it looks great.

Inspiration for the Weekend

The Design Inspiration


Found this site recently and it serves up a good mix of inspiration from various aspects of design.

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by Tom Kenny

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