55 Invitations to Typekit to Give Away

by Tom Kenny (@tkenny)

Recently I received an invitation to Typekit and now have some invitations of my own and have decided to give them away here on Inspect Element. You may have heard of it by now but if by any chance you haven’t or have had trouble getting an invite, I’ve got five to give away.

Update: Over the weekend I received an email from Ryan at Typekit who has very kindly given me 50 more invites! As a result the giveaway has been extended until Tuesday, so get commenting if you haven’t already!

What is Typekit?


Typekit allows you to embed select fonts using javascript and @font-face. It even works in IE6+! They have a great selection of fonts to choose from and is very simple to implement. After selecting a font you would like to use, all you need to do is include the relevant code to load in the javascript and you will be able to use the font just as if you were using @font-face regularly.

How to Enter

I’m a big Simpsons fan so all I want you to do is comment on this post with you’re favourite Simpsons quote and I will pick five people at random to send the invites to. Please make sure you include your correct email in the mail field of the comment form or else I will not be able to send you an invite and will have to send it to someone else.

I will announce the lucky five next week and send out the invites immediately.

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by Tom Kenny

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